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If you are interested in visiting Dubai, the following tips might prove to be highly helpful. Dubai is an interesting place to tour. However, the same trip can turn out to be a nightmarish experience, if you are unwilling to follow these tips.

  • It is very important to maintain an appropriate dressing sense while visiting Dubai. Dubai is an emirate located in the United Arab Emirates, which happens to be a Muslim country. Indecent dressing manners could land you in trouble. Of course, you can move about in skimpy outfits but only at the permitted locations such as the beaches.
  • We have an incessant craving for alcohol. However, it is wiser to keep this under control in Dubai. One can purchase alcohol from the duty free shops located at the Dubai International Airport. Currently, one can purchase up to four bottles of alcohol for personal consumption.
  • It does not make any sense to indulge in weed or any other intoxicating substances while visiting Dubai. The distribution and consumption of such materials are strictly prohibited in the UAE. The authorities have the power to verify the prescription medicines too. If you are taking medicines, please keep the prescriptions safely.
  • One must avoid public displays of affection as far as possible. The authorities consider homosexuality as a crime. Recently, a series of incidents involving foreign nationals indulging in such acts made to the international media. According to Sharia or "The God's Law" which is ceremoniously followed by the natives, it is inappropriate to roam around with partners before marriage.
  • Please contact your travel agency in Dubai for the complete and comprehensive list of materials that the officials consider as unlawful foreign commodities at Dubai.
  • Do not try to travel around proclaiming a religion of your choice (except Islam). No country will allow the visitors to carry firearms; the same rule exists in this city too. Pearl is one of the primary exports of Dubai. While the authorities allow possessing jewelry (meant for personal uses), the converse happens if you are in the country to sell the jewelry without the necessary permits.
  • Always opt for an appropriate travel insurance package while visiting Dubai. Unforeseen medical emergencies can cause a significant dent on your earnings. Medical assistance is available for those who require them. The hospitals do not differentiate between the natives and the travelers!
  • Always carry the appropriate documents that verify your identity and identify your purpose of the visit. The officials have this uncanny habit of questioning tourists and asking them to produce these papers. Tourist visas are readily available. Citizens from certain countries will be able to access Dubai only with the help of work visas.
  • Currency exchange is not going to be a major problem in Dubai. Almost all the banks and hotels are well equipped to handle foreign currencies. Certain establishments accept US Dollars too.

If you have an International Driving License, please take it with you. You will have to use it to avail rental cars.